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I feel like I need a second viewing to have a solid opinion on this one. But as far as book to movie translations go, I’d say I’d seen worse. I’ve waited nearly ten years to see The Giver as a movie, so I was going to see it regardless if it sucked or not. It wasn’t until I actually saw the movie did I realize that The Giver was more suited as a stage play, the second half of the book was pretty much Jonas and the Giver in his dwellings talking.

Jeff Bennett as the Giver was just pure gold. It was pretty much his voice I pictured when I read it for the first time in eighth grade. Brenton Thwaites I felt did pretty good with just his facial expressions alone. Just seeing the memories, being in awe of them, overwhelmed and horrified by them, as well as his interactions with Gabe. And I did like Meyrl Streep as the Chief Elder, though, there was this one point in the movie where it seemed like they were building up to this reveal that she was the Giver’s spouse, but no. Now, Taylor Swift as Rosemary… what do you want me to say? There was hardly enough Rosemary to make her a character in her own right in the book. Though I did picture her as a redhead for some reason.

I feel like most of the movie’s budget went into the memories. There were two instances where the effects looked really bad and really goofy. And… yeah, I’m going to say it, there’s a romantic subplot between Jonas and his friend Fiona. And yeah, I do question how necessary it was. The actor’s weren’t bad, I’m not going to say that, I just don’t think it was necessary. Especially since, while I haven’t read them, I know that Jonas marries another girl in one of the sequels.

Yeah, maybe that choice was to cash in on the dystopian romances coming out… buuuut I feel we wouldn’t have gotten this movie now if it wasn’t for the trend.

Speaking of the trend there was one of the teasers for Mockingjay. The one with President Snow making a broadcast with Peeta and Joana, but it’s then hijacked by District 13. Then there was a trailer for Gone Girl, which I would only see on DVD solely because of Neil Patrick Harris. Come on anything he touches turns to gold regardless if it’s a good movie or not. And then there was the trailer for The Maze Runner… I still need to read the book… And while I didn’t see the trailer, there was a movie poster of it; but was Dolphin Tail popular enough to warrant a sequel?! And there was a movie poser for Fifty Shades… stoptheworldiwannagetoff!stoptheworldiwannagetoff!stoptheworldiwannagetoff! There was one for The Hobbit… I really should have waited to finish the trilogy before I started watching Sherlock…  And one for Night at the Museum 3... :iconrazycryplz:

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Don't rush me!
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Yes. I use bases. Don’t like it? Get the fuck over it. DeviantArt has a category for traced bases. Unless the website takes them down, I will keep using them. If you can use screenshots for stamps, and meme’s I can use bases. Get the fuck over it and get off my page.

Favorite Quotes

"It was bought at a dollar store. Thefore, it's of top quality." - Me

"No one will forget me. Not my look, not my name. Katniss. The girl who was on fire." - Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games, Page. 70)

"Not my daughter you bitch!" - Molly Weasly (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows)

Po: Master! Shifu! Shifu, are you okay?
Shifu: Po, you're alive. Or we're both dead.
Po: No, Master I didn't die. I defeated Tai Lung.
Shifu: You did? Wow. It is as Oogway foretold, you are the Dragon Warrior. You have brought peace to this valley and... and to me. Thank you, thank you Po. Thank you, thank you.
Po: No! No, no, no, don't die, Shifu please!
Shifu: I'm not dying, you idiot! - Po and Shifu (Kung Fu Panda)

"Come with me
Where chains will never bind you
All your grief
At last, at last behind you
Lord in Heaven
Look down on him in mercy

Forgive me all my trespasses
And take me to Your glory.

Take my hand
And lead me to salvation
Take my love,
For love is everlasting

And remember
The truth that once was spoken
To love another person
Is to see the face of God"
- Valjean's Death (Les Miserables)

"I used to always cry and give up… I made many wrong turns… But you… You helped me find the right path… I always chased after you… I wanted to catch up to you… I wanted to walk beside you all the time… I just wanted to be with you… You changed me! Your smile is what saved me! That is why I'm not afraid to die protecting you! Because… I love you…" - Hinata Hyuga (Naruto)

Amy: She's the TARDIS?
Doctor: And she's a woman! She's a woman and she's the TARDIS.
Amy: Did you wish really hard?
Doctor: Shut up! Not like that...
Idris/TARDIS: Hello, I'm sexy.
Doctor: Still, shut up. - (Doctor Who - The Doctor's Wife)

Molly: No, it can't be. Where have you been? Where have you been?! Damn you! Where have you been?!
Schmendrick: Don't you talk to her that way!
Unicorn: I'm here now.
Molly: And where were you twenty years ago?! Ten years ago?! Where were you when I was new?! When I was one of those innocent young maidens you always come to? How dare you! How dare you come to me now, when I am this! - Molly Grue, Schmendrick, Unicorn (The Last Unicorn)

"So if you care to find me
Look to the Westeren sky
As someone told me lately:
Everyone desierves a chance to fly

And if I'm flying solo
At least I'm flying free
To those who'd ground me
Take a message back from me"
- Defying Gravity (Wicked)

"And the final score is no TARDIS, no screwdriver, two minutes to spare. Who da man?! *beat* I'm never saying that again. Fine." The Doctor (Doctor Who - The Eleventh Hour)

"The particular blunder is know as deus ex machina, which is French for 'Are you fucking kidding me?'" - How NOT to Write a Novel

"You should write a book; 'How to Offend Women in Five Syllables or Less.'" - Rogers (The Swan Princess)

Ted: I'm not going to give up on her.
Future Ted: I should have given up on her.
Ted: This girl is special.
Future Ted: She was the devil.
Ted: Things are going to work out with Tiffany.
Future Ted: No they're not, dumbass. - How I Met Your Mother

"I'm the Avatar! You gotta deal with it!" - Korra (The Legend of Korra)

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